Overcoming Fear & the Corona Virus

Overcoming Fear & the Corona Virus

Posted on April 05, 2020 by Lyvenda Reckner


They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.  Revelation 12:11 MEV

     Many people in the world wonder why the Bible puts such a great emphasis on blood.  The Old Testament is filled with bloody sacrifices.  Christians talk about the blood of Jesus and sing songs about His precious blood.  Christians understand that Jesus died on the Cross for their sins, but do they really understand the magnitude of what Jesus accomplished when He literally poured out His life blood for us? And if Christians don’t really understand what Christ accomplished, how can those in the world?

     Jesus Christ paid the price for our salvation when He gave His life on the Cross.  His blood purchased our freedom from every aspect of the curse that came on mankind and the earth with Adam’s sin (Gal. 3:13).  Every person who chooses to receive the redemption He purchased with His very life are restored to a relationship with God (Eph. 1:7; Rom. 5:10; 2 Cor. 5:18). There is nothing this world or the devil can come up with that is any match for the power of Jesus’ blood.

     The blood of Jesus ratified a New Covenant which came into effect by means of His death, burial, and resurrection.  At that time, His blood paid the price for you to be whole – spirit, soul, and body.  Every area of your life is covered completely:   physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, etc.  Everything the devil brought against mankind has been overcome and paid for by the blood of Jesus, the sacrificial Lamb of God.  Through His death, He satisfied God’s demands of justice for all our sins and completely wiped away the evidence of man’s rebellion against God.  Jesus’ blood overcame satan on every level! 

     When you received Jesus as your Savior and Lord, your spirit was born again.  You became a marked person in the spiritual realm – covered with the seal of Jesus’ covenant-enforcing blood that erased the guilt of your transgressions against God’s laws.  Your guilty sentence was nailed to Jesus’ cross.  God transferred your sin onto His Son on the Cross in exchange for His righteousness that is now yours.  Jesus’ sacrificial death and resurrection made the way for you to be eternally free from the effects of sin and death and the curse of the law (Col. 2:14).

     Believe the love God has for you.  He loved you so much that He gave His only begotten Son so that you would not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).  Think about Jesus’ body and blood that enables you to be a blood-covenant member of God’s family (2 Cor. 6:18).  Be glad and rejoice in His goodness, and let His sacrifice settle forever the question of His unconditional love for you.  You will never doubt His promises again once you believe in His great love.  Everything you will ever need and every problem you will ever face has already been covered by the blood of Jesus.  His exceedingly great and precious promises have provided for it all.

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