2012 – THE END OF THE WORLD?? #2

2012 – THE END OF THE WORLD?? #2

Posted on February 08, 2012 by Lyvenda Reckner

2012 – THE END OF THE WORLD?? Response to Questions:

I appreciate the comments sent my way concerning the blog that was posted yesterday.  Several questions have come up and I wanted to respond quickly.

I was asked what the Bible does say about the end of the world.  Please forgive me for taking it for granted that everyone already knows what God says in His Word about the last days!  There is no way to address all of the things the Bible says about the end times right now, but briefly, Jesus tells us that no man knows the day or the hour of His return.  He says that people will be going about their normal every day lives; getting married, working in the fields, taking care of business, etc.  Some will be sleeping, some will be working, some will be celebrating and He will return like a “thief in the night.”  Unexpectedly and catching many people off guard!

Jesus tells us that we should not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will have enough trouble of its own and to seek God’s Kingdom first.  He also tells us in Matthew 6:8 that our Father knows what we need before we even ask Him.  You might say that if you don’t think about and plan for tomorrow then what?  He also tells us that we are to watch and to pray so that we will be ready for whatever comes.  If we are walking with Him, following His guidance and making right choices/decisions based on our relationship with Him, those choices will be the right ones for our future as well as for today.  Take managing your money as an example:  If you make right spending choices today, your finances will be available to meet your needs tomorrow.  If you make right investment choices today, your future and that of your children will be secure.  My Bible tells me that God will bless my children and my grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. because of choices made today.

So, instead of fretting about the end of the world and the disasters that may or may not happen between now and then, focus on today.  Live your life as if today is your last.  I guarantee you it will make a huge difference in your perspective and the way you handle circumstances.  Jesus tells us to, “Be wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove.”  He will give you wisdom.  James tells us that if any man lacks wisdom, ask God who will give it to you without saying “I told you so.”  (Paraphrased - as Pastor Billy says, that’s good ole Push County English J )

Be encouraged and rest assured that your Heavenly Father will help you and guide you in every single circumstance.  His Holy Spirit will speak to you in that still quiet voice and let you know if you should or should not do whatever it is you’re thinking about.  He will warn you of things to come when you need to be warned and He will encourage you to move forward when you hesitate.  I guarantee you that He will wave a red flag when you’re about to make a move that you shouldn’t.  There it too much in this world for you to worry about.  Jesus says that we are to let Him carry our burdens because He cares for us.  Talk to Him about those things that are worrying you.  He’ll let you know what to do and when to do it.  HE LOVES YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING!!

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